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Electronic Lab Notebook

Electronic lab notebooks (ELN) are software for documenting the planning, implementation and evaluation of lab experiments. They are expected to replace their analogue (handwritten or printed) predecessors in the medium term. Using ELN helps to prevent data loss and creates legal certainty: a version of the ELN will remain at the university even if a researcher leaves the institution. ELN are already a useful teaching resource during laboratory practicals to provide a didactic introduction to handling research data. Central ELN offers create innovative framework conditions for research and teaching and open up new opportunities for work and communication between researchers and with infrastructure institutions.


HHU runs the open source variant eLabFTW on its own servers. To use it, you need your university id. Further information, such as the registration process, can be found on the right by clicking on the link to the "eLabFTW" service page of the ZIM.

If you want to test the lab book first, you can try the publicly available demo version of eLabFTW for this purpose: demo.elabftw.net/login.php 

eLabFTW Usergroup HHU

A virtual meeting of eLabFTW users via Webex took place at HHU on 14 July 2020. Three working groups presented how they use the electronic lab notebook and the developer, Nicolas Carpi, also gave a short presentation.

View the recording in the HHU media library: https://mediathek.hhu.de/watch/0dcdd303-7fb1-4d58-b8c6-888398006ee1

See here for the slides of all presentations: VC-eLabFTW-Usergroup-HHU-Folien.pdf
They’re available under the following licence:

CC licence BY-NY-SA 4.0 Dominik Brilhaus, Nicolas Carpi, Alexander Minges, Iuliia Novoselova

Responsible for the content: