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Humanities and Cultural Studies



Facilitates networking between humanities and cultural studies disciplines and encourages the exchange of resources, methods, data and experience by developing a digital research infrastructure. With Archive-in-a-Box, it offers an archiving solution for humanities and cultural studies data.

German studies


Supports German-language research by providing services for locating German-language data, analysing written and spoken texts, and ensuring long-term availability and access to corpora and research findings.

English and American studies


An online work environment in which researchers are able to upload scans, transcribe and annotate texts and publish their findings as online texts, which are freely available to all users. See the ‘Published’ tab on the ‘Editions’ page for brief information and a link to editions published previously.


Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals (BAS)

A public institution hosted by the LMU Munich, the BAS was established with the aim of making speech resources of contemporary spoken German as well as tools for the processing of digitalised speech available to research and speech technology communities.

Child Language Data Exchange System (CHILDES)

The child language component of the TalkBank system. TalkBank is a system for sharing and studying conversational interactions.

Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN)

Provides humanities and social science scholars with easy, long-term access to digital language data (in a written, spoken, video or multimodal format) and advanced tools to explore, use, annotate, analyse or combine data from any location.

Hamburg Center for Language Corpora (HZSK)

The HZSK archives, maintains, distributes and develops spoken language corpora. These usually consist of audio and/or video recordings, transcripts and other data, along with structured metadata. The corpora focus on multilingualism and are mostly available for free.

IMS University of Stuttgart Repository

The IMS repository currently focuses on the resources provided by the Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS) and other CLARIN-D related institutions such as Collaborative Research Centre 732 (CFC 732) as well as institutions and/or organisations belonging to the extended CLARIN-D scientific community.

Speech & Language Data Repository (SLDR)

A trusted data repository that offers labs and scholars an opportunity to share their oral/linguistic data and archive it for free using procedures conforming with the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model for long-term preservation. The entire repository is referenced in international repositories such as the Open Language Archives Community (OLAC) and the CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory (VLO). Packages are currently distributed via the TGE Adonis network, which is now integrated into Huma-Num, hosted by CC-IN2P3 and preserved on the platform of CINES, an institutional archive beneficiary of the Data Seal of Approval.


Provides transcripts, audio files and videos of communicative interactions for research into human and animal communication.

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