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Social sciences


A research-based infrastructure for the social sciences that conducts its own continuous, interdisciplinary research in three key research areas. The findings from this research do not only serve to gain scientific knowledge, but also to ensure lasting improvements to the GESIS services for the social sciences as a whole.

GESIS data catalogue

The Data Services for the Social Sciences (DSS) department focuses on offering an excellent data service for (inter)national comparative studies in the social and political sciences. These studies, which must meet defined methodological and technical requirements, are then archived and processed.


The German general population survey for the social sciences compiles current data on attitudes, behaviours and social structures in Germany. Constant and variable questions have been used to survey a representative cross-section of the population every two years since 1980. The ALLBUS data is available to interested parties for research and teaching as soon as it has been processed and documented.

Data Service Centre for Business and Organizational Data

The data service centre at Bielefeld University is a central archive for quantitative and qualitative data relating to organisations. In addition to data on companies and organisations, it also includes data on employers and employees as well as data from member/employee surveys.

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