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Policies, regulations and guidelines

International centres of expertise

  • The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) is a world-leading centre of expertise in digital information curation with a focus on capacity, capability and skills for research data management within the British higher education research community. The DCC provides access to a range of resources, including our popular how-to guides, case studies and online services. The training programmes aim to equip researchers and data stewards with the skills they need to manage and share data effectively. The DCC also advises and provide support on issues such as policy development and data management planning.
  • Research Data Alliance (RDA)
    The global research data landscape is current highly fragmented by discipline or domain – from oceanography, life sciences and health to agriculture, space and climate. When it comes to interdisciplinary activities, the terms “building blocks” of shared data infrastructures and the creation of specific “data bridges” are accepted as metaphors for the complexity of the data and to enable a data exchange. The Research Data Alliance facilitates the sharing of data via focused working and interest groups comprising experts from academia, industry and governments from around the world.
    Anyone who agrees to the Research Data Alliance’s guiding principles of openness, consensus, balance, harmonisation and a community-driven, non-profit and technology-neutral approach is able to join the alliance. It was launched back in 2013 by a core group of interested agencies, namely the European Commission, the United States government’s National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Australian government’s Department of Innovation. Other agencies, countries, companies, associations and institutes are also welcome to join. RDA has countless dedicated individual members who help to improve data sharing. Almost 3,000 from 102 countries have joined since the RDA was launched back in March 2013.
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