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Where to put the finished research data?

Research Data Repositories (re3data, Zenodo, researchdata.hhu) are the most important systems for storing, archiving and re-using research data. Functions include secure storage of research data, assignment of DOIs, setting up an embargo, capturing metadata and post-usability of research data.  The search mask re3data.org can be used to find a subject-specific repository from which you can either re-use existing research data or feed your own research data for re-use. Here, research data from the respective subject area can be found to a particularly high degree. Furthermore, the generic repository Zenodo, which is operated by CERN and thus guarantees high availability, can also be used for these purposes. Last but not least, the HHU institutional repository researchdata.hhu.de is available to all HHU staff and researchers free of charge. Each research group can publish its research data there up to a limit of 1 TB with automatic DOI creation, and can also make it available only after a certain point in time due to an embargo.

Interdisciplinary Repository Directories

Re3data.org (Registry of Research Data Repositories) 
The project re3data.org - Registry of Research Data Repositories aims to make repositories accessible in a web-based directory and thus provide orientation on existing data collections. More than 1,200 data repositories can be found here.

DRYAD Digital Repository
The Dryad Digital Repository is a curated resource that makes academic publication data accessible, freely reusable and citable. Dryad provides a home for a wide variety of data types.

With RIsources (RI = Research Infrastructure), die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) offers an information portal on scientific research infrastructures that provide researchers with resources and services for planning and conducting research projects, including subject repositories for research data.

As a multidisciplinary repository, Figshare hosts both publications and research data and makes them citable. Images, videos but also raw data can be viewed and shared directly in the web browser.

Multidisciplinary Repository

Zenodo is a repository that can be used mainly for scientific datasets, but also for science-related software, publications, reports, presentations, videos, etc. The service is funded by the European Commission. The service is funded by the European Commission and the website is maintained by the OpenAIRE consortium and CERN. There is also an ORCID integration. zenodo

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