Research data management and archiving

The provision of research data is an aspect of good scientific practice. The planning, collection, processing, storage and sustainable provision of research data has to comply with recognized standards and high requirements in order to ensure traceability, verifiability and further use after publication.

In this regard, research data refers to all data that is generated during the research process or as its result. The research process encompasses the whole cycle from generation (-eg. through digitalization, source research, experiments, documented observations and empirical studies) over processing and analysis to publication and archiving of the data. Research data is generated in all scientific disciplines using different methods.

The President's office of the HHU has issued a directive for dealing with research data, which can be found  undefinedhere .

The ZIM and the ULB support the faculties and institutions of the HHU in research data management. For this purpose, the ZIM runs a powerful storage and long-term archiving infrastructure. The ULB offers advice for researchers on how to create data management plans and answers questions on metadata and accessibility.

The ULB undefinedsubject specialists  or the ZIM staff (see contact person on the right hand side) will be happy to inform you about the state of research data management in the respective discipline. Contact us!

What are research data?

This question is clarified in an online video on the website of the research data management initiative of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin:

Aust, Pamela, Helbig, Kerstin, Schenk, Ulrike, Zielke, Dennis, Rosenbaum, Anja, Schulze, Jörg (2016):

What are research data? Video. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, media repository.


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